Christmas Gift for Your Teen Sister

Buying Christmas gifts for teenagers can be quiet a task. Especially for teenage girls it can be quiet tricky. You might just offend the girl by buying something childish for all you know she is already blotting her lipstick on boy band posters. And with the choices available, it is difficult to find the right music, clothes fashion accessories and so on. Knowing the latest trend also doesn’t help at times. My aunt got her teenage daughter a cell phone, which my aunt thought was cool, but apparently the version was outdated and crowd-conscious teenage girl could not take it out.

A can-never-go-wrong gift for teenage girls is jewelry. Since she is just stepping unto womanhood, she would love to flaunt her feminine charm. You could choose from the following –

A simple solitaire pendant with the gemstone of her favorite color. If you do not know her favorite color, choose pink sapphire. Pink sapphire is hot with celebrities like J Lo, Paris Hilton and more flaunting their pink stones.

Studs. Whether you know her style or not, studs will in any case be her choice. You could choose citrine if she likes yellow, or amethyst if she likes purple, aquamarine if she likes blue or quit being experimental and stick to pink sapphire. All these gemstones do not cost much and with the holiday season, you could grab a great deal.

Chic styles in pendants or earrings. If your budget allows, you could choose a chic design of a pendant or earrings from the internet.

Jewelry will make a gift she will undoubtedly adore. For all you good siblings there you know she always pays it back to you  by keeping your secrets, helping you in your chores or maybe by just being the lovely sister who tolerates all you do to her.

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