Emerald : Birthstone For May

Emeralds are the most valuable of all colored gemstones . Emeralds are available in shades of dark green ranging from lush dark green to vibrant vivid green to bluish green. The most celebrated color of an emerald is lush green.

The name emerald come from the Greek word – “smarados” which essentially means green. Emerald has been known to man since ancient times and a lot of religious and mythological scriptures have a special reference of these gemstones. The ancient scriptures of the Hindu religion, the Vedas, regarded emerald as the healing stone, the religious texts of Islam talk of heaven’s garden being carpeted with emeralds.

Emerald has also been very popular with royalty. The treasure chests of the kings and queens of ancient times had emerald gems, emerald jewelry and more. Cleopatra had a great liking for these gems and owned the first emerald mines in Egypt. The Mogul emperors and empresses had a special affection for these gemstones.

The vivid green color of emerald symbolizes life, verdure and spring time. This lively color has also been associated with endurance and constancy in love. In the ancient Roman times, the color green was associated with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May and the zodiac sign Taurus. Emerald is anniversary gift for the 20th and the 35th wedding anniversary.

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    You’re very good at giving information to the public.
    Can I know more about the other gem stones like rubys, diamond, sapphire or amazonite?

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