Emerald Engagement Rings

Did you know that people in ancient Egypt believed that Emerald is a gemstone of Venus, whom they consider as goddess of love? Since then many traditions and people believe that exchanging emerald engagement rings can help increase and maintain love between two people.

Some people follow this even today and hence the demand and love for emerald rings never fade out. Let us check out three rings which are beautifully designed and let’s learn what message is there behind the rings:

Three Stone Ring

Three Stone Emerald Engagement Ring
The ring features the beauty of emerald as center stone flanked by a diamond on each side. The designer has kept the concept of past, present and future in mind while using three gems. It clearly says that ‘I loved you in past, do so now and will love you in future’. This forever love ring is most famous of all engagement rings.

Love Knot Ring:

Emerald and Diamond Love Knot Ring
This ring’s key attraction is the design in which two knots meet each other artistically. One of them is encrusted with lush green emeralds and the other with sparkling diamonds. The ring gives the message that ‘My heart has tied a knot with your heart’. The love knot ring shall always sit amazingly on her finger.

Heart Ring:

Heart Shaped Emerald And Diamond Ring
A bezel set heart shaped emerald is beautified with forever brilliant diamonds encrusted on the shank of the ring. It is irresistibly beautiful and conveys the message that “my heart is yours forever’. The proposal ring is sure to win her heart.

You can explore more emerald rings by clicking here. Additionally, you can even get them customized with your choice of gemstone, its quality and metal type.

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