Love Mom ! her day is Sunday May 10th

Mother is one whose love and affection has no end, who loves her children beyond words and gestures. The most unselfish love and care, for her child, makes a mother take the place next to God.Ma it’s your thoughtful and loving concern which has made us the person we are. Your unending support time and again has really left us speechless;
that whenever we fall, we know that you’d be there to hold us, when we cry, you’d be there to wipe our tears, when we fail, you’d be there to encourage us, when we go wrong, you’d be there to correct us and whenever we are lonely , you’d be there by our side to cheer us.

It’s not always that words are necessary to express the deep affection and respect we have for you. But this was the time we couldn’t let go, so we say Ma you are simply the best, we feel blessed to have a Mamaa like you. We also feel lucky because not everyone gets a share of what we have received from you. We just want you to always remain as the person you are, don’t change……for our sake please……….

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