Jewelry – An Important Bridal Segment

Imagine a bride, resplendent in her white wedding finery, the pristine white gown trailing down the aisle. She looks wonderful with the soft blush on her cheeks and the warm glow, that is definitely not the doing of any make up in the world. It is undeniably the love and joy that mirrors on her face. She looks the epitome of beauty and yet there’s something missing. It takes you not longer than a minute to arrive at what that is. Yes, it is the jewelry that is missing, and what’s a bride without jewelry.

Jewelry definitely is a very important part of a bride’s look. Besides enhancing her bridal finery, it also adds a glittering and interesting aspect to her appearance. In other words jewelry is a quintessential part of a bride, especially on her wedding day. Whether it is the traditional pearls and diamonds or the more innovative and vibrant gemstones, bridal jewelry looks resplendent in any form. With the colored gemstones turning into a rage these days, a lot of brides are turning to these vibrant specks, beautifully transformed into jewelry.

The choice of the gemstone depends entirely on a bride’s taste and personal liking. I was recently at a wedding and I’ll tell you about the jewelry that bedecked the bride. I must say, the lady sure did know how to enhance her best feature with the help of some amazing emerald jewelry. She had a lovely pair of large luminous green eyes that seemed to overrule all other features of her face. With the impeccable white wedding dress, she wore a pair of emerald danglers and a matching emerald necklace that reflected the color of her eyes.

The effect was startlingly beautiful. I soon realized I wasn’t the only one unable to tear my eyes off her. The bridal jewelry she chose to wear looked so very amazing. I realized once again how important jewelry is as part of a bride’s appearance especially on her wedding day. Being traditional when it comes to bridal jewelry, I also had not realized how very spectacular colored gemstone jewelry could look if worn the right way. The enchanting emerald jewelry that this bride wore sure turned out to be quite an eye-opener.

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