Why is the gift of jewelry the ultimate form of affection?

While I keep writing for jewelry, some one asked me why I always suggest a jewelry gift while I am in no way rewarded for the suggestion. Interesting question. The following points sum up the answer to the question.

  • Jewelry is beautiful. Wearing jewelry that matches my style and taste makes me feel confident and beautiful from inside.  So jewelry is not just for looking beautiful it is for feeling beautiful as well.
  • Jewelry is precious. It costs. So when I receive a jewelry gift I know I am special to the person giving me the gift. It’s about money here and you don’t spend money on people you know just like that.
  • Jewelry is forever. While cards, chocolates, dresses, hand bags, shoes, scarves, sunglasses… all will be out of fashion or be consumed, jewelry will stay. You can pass it on as heirloom.
  • Jewelry is not just a gift it’s an investment. So when I receive jewelry I know I am getting an investment which can payoff in rough times.

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