Mystical Powers of Emerald

Well-known as the ‘gem of spring’ and associated with the goddess Venus, people have exceptionally grown their love for emeralds in all these years. Just like they are treasured for the lovely green, the gems have been respected for their spiritual significance since ages. It has been considered a stone of energy and serenity.

Emerald is the symbol of Venus

The jewels made up of emerald ascertain both attractiveness and magical effect. As far as history is concerned, the gem has been a symbol of pink health and calm mind. It nourishes physical and mental state of the person wearing it in any jewelry form. The comforting look and nature of the color green of the gem proves to be an incredible healer for many health problems related to stomach, liver, eyes, etc. Also, it is believed to be an emotional shaman creating steadiness in the wearer’s mind. Some sources say that pregnant women especially wear emerald jewelry for the goodness of their womb babies.

Emotional healing includes the evanescence of negative thoughts, evil influences, unknown fears, and other depressing emotions. These green crystals build a magical spark to energize every nerve of the body. They illuminate a divine light that make you feel optimistic about everything that happens in your life.

Emeralds are valued the most in capricious moments of your life. When you are not able to accept changes and become indecisive about what to keep and what to let go, your green jewelry becomes your best friend. Moreover, emotions of love and friendship take an unexpected positive turn such that a little love if given fetches an ocean full of tenderness.

Green Emerald Gemstone

An interesting fable says that the gem ceases to glow if the heart starts to betray. This is how beautifully relations are governed in the presence of emerald green. Moreover, it gives you the delight of enjoying a beautiful ornament and at the same time intensifying the love bond with anyone dear to you. So, choose and gift this lavish green gem jewelry to your beloved and lock your relation forever.

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