Six Interesting Facts About Emeralds

I strongly believe that a little knowledge about whatever you adore takes you closer to it. And when it is about your precious bijoux, for which you are extremely sentimental, you should put efforts to research, read, and get acquainted about it. Thereafter, you can surely connect more with your statement piece.

Dark Green Emerald Gemstone

No doubt that the deep green of an emerald is a favorite pickup of many. The gem itself is very captivating, and when held in a jewel, its shimmer creates a lasting impact in the eyes of whosoever catches a sight of it. This is how charming a gem it is, and thus, to correlate better with something angelic brings an unusual delight in your life. Let’s take a look at some interesting and factual information about emeralds.

History of Emerald Gemstone

· The gemstone is celebrated for its green hue; both its appearance and name persuades a person to visualize the enchantment of this color. The word ‘emerald’ in itself speaks of green, which is originated from the Latin term Smaragdus meaning ‘precious green stone’.

· Even though the gemstone was first unearthed in the parts of Egypt, Colombian and Zambian emeralds are well known for their abundance and magnificence.

· An excellent quality emerald is much expensive than a precious diamond since it is rare to find an immaculate green sparkler. Mostly, the stone contains flaws and inclusions.

· Talking about the chemical properties, it is one of the softest gemstones ever known.

· Being the official birthstone for the month of May, the stone is believed to bring prosperity, good luck, pink health, and emotions of friendship and love to the one who carries it.

· Jaipur, in India, is a renowned destination of emeralds. Legend says that the world’s largest of this gem was found in India, commonly known with the name Mogul Mughal Emerald. The silversmiths of the city were so excited that they got it inscribed with some sacred wordings.

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