Jewelry Designer Angelina Jolie’s Collection on Display

Angelia Jolie is a famous Hollywood celebrity. She received the Academy Award in acting and has proved her talents a number of times. With a beautiful seven years relationship, she has set an example of an understanding partner and has then become a celeb mom with a brood of six children. She is also an epitome of humanity. She has showed her directorial talents with her controversial debut ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’.

Angelina Jolie & Her Six ChildrenAngelina Jolie On The Set Of Her Film 'In The Land Of Blood & Honey

But Jolie doesn’t want to stop here. In fact, she is ready to dazzle the world with her new passionate look. She is now a jewelry designer. Soon, you’ll find her jewelry on sale in France and Monaco.

Angelina Jolie's Jewelry On Sale In France & Monaco

It’s known that Jolie has worked with the designer Robert Procorp for her ‘Style of Jolie’ collection. Now an array of jewels from the same collection is on display for a month. You can see it, admire it, and may even buy it if you so want. Many of the baubles are those that she had worn on various occasions, like her movie premiers and award events.

Robert Procop Jewelry DesignerAngelina Jolie's Jewelry Designed By Robert Procorp

There will be her famous teardrop emerald earrings, her charming emerald bracelet and many more enticing jewels from her collection. Of course, emeralds would be more in number as they are her favorite. But you’ll find other gems too on display.

Angelina Emerald EarringsAngelina Emerald Bracelet

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