Sensational Red Carpet: Grammy Awards 2015

They say that the great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward. Celebrity fashion, on the red carpet, is the perfect illustration to this. Each day rolls out something new and exclusive. And things brighten when it comes to award ceremonies.

This Sunday evening brought out the most sensational red carpet arrivals to Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles. From phenomenal dresses to flashy jewelry, divas flaunted their lavish lifestyles on the runway. It was a mix of fabulous fashion and pretty colors. Let’s go on a breathtaking tour, admiring the most worthy star looks of Grammys 2015.

Beyoncé Knowles

Glamorous as ever, Beyoncé paraded in a glittering black, plunging and semi-sheer gown, which revealed bits of her body in a way too decent manner. She wore natural makeup, with her long hair hanging down. Though hid behind her hair, her emerald drop earrings made an eye-catching emergence. Even her multiple-finger gemstone rings were a treat to watch.

Beyonce Knowles at Grammy Awards 2015

Katy Perry

Beaded in silver glitters, Katy Perry stood the cutest in a gauzy dress that extended below her knees. She opted for a stylish purple hair dye and eye-popping diamond chandelier earrings. We could spot the brilliance of diamonds on her fingers as well.

Katy Perry in Grammy Awards 2015

Taylor Swift

Neither black nor white, Taylor Swift bared both her legs in an azure floor-length gown, showing off her contrasting fuchsia heels. Swift presented urbanity through her marine statement jewelry. She stacked three aqua rings on a finger and also a pair of classy and shimmery ear cuffs.

taylor swift in Grammy Awards 2015Lady Gaga

A highly plunging neckline and a lengthy thigh slit led Lady Gaga to flaunt her hot body. She wore a shimmering silver gown with a smoky black and blue eye makeup and pulled a stunning set of emerald chain pendant and lush green drop earrings.

Lady Gaga in The Grammy Awards 2015


Flouncy pink princess, Rihanna grabbed compliments from all present there. Though the last one to arrive, she was the most admired star of the evening. Rihanna’s dress was a blend of silk and tulle, which belonged to the wardrobe of fantastical fairies. It covered an area of around five times wider than own body frame.

Rihanna in grammy awards 2015

Like always, Rihanna did not miss out donning precious jewelry. Sparkling white diamonds rested superb on her ears.

Tell us your favorite singing star from the Grammy 2015. What jewelry allured you the most?

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