Wonder Women for Whom Age is Just A Number

It’s quite surprising how few people push their limits far ahead of thoughts. They are not only the strong motivational pillars but they are the epitome of life at its best. The best examples of this are Edith Wilma Connor and Tao Porchan-Lynch, two ladies with diamond hard zeal.

Edith Wilma Connor and Tao Porchan Lynch

I specially mentioned diamond-hard because as diamond is the hardest gem on the earth, the enthusiasm they have is perfectly coined by this term.


Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 93-year-old New York resident who has an amazingly surprising Guinness World Record. She is the oldest living yoga teacher who is actively teaching the three thousand years old scientific exercising techniques to approx 400 students. Isn’t that jaw-dropping? At 93 a woman not only stands but can actively perform the various body tiring exercises.

Now, let’s get introduced to Edith Wilma Connor. This icon of motivation at the age of 77 holds a Guinness World record for being the oldest living female bodybuilder.

Connor who calls bodybuilding ‘salvation’ for her started her career at the age of 65 when she first won a competition. Her victory motivated her to be a certified personal trainer and as now she trains people, she emphasize on mature body training.

Wow! Heads off to these wonder women for setting the examples for living a happy and healthy life where age is no way a limit.

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