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Every year, some gorgeous women take make us drool over their style sense. They become our style icons and inspirations. Given the overall change in the style scenario, over the last decade there’s a lot of scope for today’s celebrities to experiment with what they wear and how they choose to present themselves. For instance, the likes Tilda Swinton and Phoebe Philo are today considered bold and beautiful doe their androgynous choices and considered style icons alongside the likes of Stella McCartney and even Kate Moss!


So here’s taking a look at 5 of the most stylish and best dressed women of 2015, not in any particular order.

Let’s start with Phoebe Philo. The British fashion designer was voted one of the most influential people by Time Magazine a year ago. Although she started off as Stella McCartney’s assistant, she came onto her own eventually. Philo’s trademark casual and androgynous charm has caught the imagination of modern day fashionistas across the globe.


Kristen Stewart has been much talked about for her not so expressive portrayal of Bella in the Twilight series. She wasn’t much talked about in the fashion circle either being mostly seen in Jeans and T-shirts. But Stewart has definitely matured on the style front. This year she sported an impressive Channel Quilt Dress at the Venice Film Festival. She is indeed coming onto her own on the style front.


Sofia Coppola cemented her credibility with Lost in Translation, her directorial debut. Over the years she has turned into a fine lady with a passion for style alternating between the traditional and the little quirky.


Fourth on this list is FKA Twigs. The Brit singer doesn’t care much about fashion. She has her own unique style and that is what makes her darling of the neo-fashion brigade. This is Twigs’ in just one her outlandish but fascinating avatars.


And we conclude this list with Victoria Beckham. “There aren’t many women in the world who I could say have infallible personal style. Victoria is one of them. She lives and breathes the dream which is ‘VB’. And for that I applaud her.” – Justin O’Shea, buying director,

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Need we say more?

This is what we think. Let us know who’s your favorite style icon of 2015?

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