Matching Diamond Rings for This Couple

It looks like we will soon get news of a celebrity engagement as Heidi Klum and her bodyguard beau seem to be happy together. According to Life & Style, Heidi and her 45-year-old boyfriend, Martin Kirsten, have already exchanged a pair of matching diamond bands. We can say they are what we call the promise ring, a prologue to a more magnificent engagement ring.

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kristen

The news reports are that they were recently seen wearing the matching gold-and-diamond bands. The rings adorned their right ring fingers and looked really amazing. However, it makes us wonder if there was any special occasion for them to get these pretty promise rings?

Heidi Klum and Martin Kristen boths are wearing matching gold and diamond bands

When asked, Heidi said that it is a present from my boyfriend.

Project Runway star Heidi and her husband of seven years Seal split up last year and in September 2012 Heidi had confirmed that she is in relationship with Martin and more recently Heidi has even admitted that she is in love.

Heidi Klum Love with Her Boyfriend Martin Kirsten

Reports are that she may be joining America’s Got Talent as one of the judges this summer and we hope that then we will get to see her new bling more closely.

Heidi Klum may be joining America's Got Talent as one of the judges this summer

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