Wedding Ring can Even Make Someone Lose Weight!!!

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment and have been an important feature of a wedding and something that we keep on wearing it for almost a lifetime. While women feel that rings on their man’s finger will prevent them from digressing, men feel an expensive ring on their lady’s finger is the best way to show off one’s wealth. But here we have an interesting case where a woman lost weight because of her ring!

Round Diamond Engagement Ring With Matching Wedding Band

Sarah Spencer had grown so fat that that her ring finger became numb because the wedding band became too tight cutting off the normal blood supply to the tips. So to save her finger she had to get her ring cut off. It was at this moment that reality struck her that she has really grown fat. Isn’t it an amazing thing that a ring inspires a mom to lose weight. These days people prefer gemstone rings for their “I Dos” and emerald rings can be a good option for people who love the eye soothing green color.

Sarah Spencer So Fat WomanEmerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Vintage Ring

Immediately, she took steps to get the situation in control. She joined an exercise program and even started attending 30-minute classes every alternate day. Her efforts paid off and soon she lost 4st 8lb and dropped 10 dress sizes.

Sarah Spencer Lost Her Weight 4st 8lb and Dropped 10 Dress Sizes

Working as an early years consultant she was not only overweight she also suffered from asthma which had worsened by her weight problem. She shares that she used to tip the scales at 15.7 stone but now she is happy that she is a healthy 11 stone. So, in all she has lost 64 pounds. Her happiness was shared by here kids who are very proud of her and even her husband was delighted. In fact her entire family including her parents and brothers were stunned when they saw her after her weight loss.

Sarah Spencer is Happy that She is a Healthy 11 Stone

Sharing her experiences after her weight loss, Spencer says that she loves shopping for her new size 12 that allows her to experiment with the latest fashion trends. What is the best thing is that she can now share clothes with her daughter. A reason Sarah decided to share her story was that she wanted more and more people get inspired to lose weight.

Sarah Spencer Says that She Loves Shopping for Her New Size 12 That Allows

In her words she is an ordinary mom who has a busy work life, and she hopes after reading her story people will feel that they can do it too.

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