World’s Largest Cut Emerald to be Auctioned in Kelowna

All the gem stones lovers may be excited to know that the world’s largest cut emerald weighing 57,500-carats and with an appraised value of $1.15 million is set to go on auction in Kelowna, later this month.


A rare gem hunter Regan Reaney calls this an once-in-a-lifetime find. He said that he is still amazed every time he looks at, picks it up, and touches it. It is amazing. Reaney said the emerald is named Teodora, meaning Gift of God. It was mined in Brazil and sold to a buyer in India, where it was cut.


He does not know when it was found or how long it’s been in the possession of the Indian owner, but as soon as it became available for purchase, Reaney and a partner jumped at the chance to buy it.


The emerald arrived in Calgary on Friday and has been appraised by Jeff Nechka, who said that he was very skeptical about the task as anything this large occurring in nature is extremely rare.

Nechka said he is aware of attempted fraud cases in the past where unscrupulous miners and dealers tried to combine several smaller stones into large pieces and pass them off as a massive, priceless gem.

Nechka said he conducted numerous tests to confirm the emerald’s authenticity. Emerald gemstone jewelry has many takers. Latest style icon to endorse this beautiful gem is Angelina Jolie.

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