Cameron Diaz with Emerald Earrings

How we all remain glued to almost anything to do with our favorite Hollywood beauties. I know it’s neither fair nor easy on them to have every move monitored but we can hardly help but ogle at the clothes they wear, the jewelry they flaunt and the places they visit. My favorite Cameron Diaz was recently mobbed by the paparazzi during one of her shopping sprees in New York. Can’t say it was pleasant for someone like her who has a history of hostility with paparazzi. The only time she loses her poise completely is in a situation like this. She otherwise remains unruffled, looking like an ultimate personification of poise and beauty, always dressed to perfection. Another remarkable quality about this lady is the jewelry she wears. Take a look at these breathtaking emerald earrings she’s sporting. Teaming them with a white off shoulder is indeed a smart move, centering all attention on these exclusive earrings. The oval emeralds enjoy a rim of dazzling diamonds that add to its luster besides beautifully reflecting the color of her sea green eyes.

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