Celebrity Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald, the birthstone of May is full of love! Do you know how? According to ancient Egyptians, Emerald is the sacred gemstone of Goddess of Love- Venus! Also, many cultures believe that wearing an emerald ring or emerald jewelry can help them get lucky and have prosperity in life.

Gorgeous Beauty of Emerald Engagement Rings

We are not sure if this is the reason, or just the gorgeous beauty of emeralds, that inspire our A-list celebrities to wear an emerald engagement ring. But, the fact is, they do flash their ‘emerald love’ in their special e-rings. In particular, we are in love with finger adornments of these ladies. Let’s read about them.

Halle Berry: Her bling from Olivier Martinez is ‘one of its kinds’ engagement ring. The Oscar winner wears it in yellow gold, which shows her unique taste. The real meaning is unveiled by the usage of three gemstones. An emerald is flanked by a diamond on each side, symbolizing the eternal love of past, present and future. Her non-traditional engagement ring is an example and inspiration to many women across the globe.

Halle Berry Emerald Engagement Ring

Olivia Wilde: Her emerald halo engagement ring is nothing short of an angelic beauty. Jason chose a diamond ring perfectly framed by lush green emeralds. Not every celebrity has a distinct taste and shows it off well. But, her choice of jewelry will be forever remembered.

Olivia Wilde Emerald and diamond Engagement Ring

Which celebrity e-ring did you like the most? Is it the three-stone glamour or the halo charm? Share with us your thoughts.

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