Go Green in Style

While new fashion slips in and out, there is one that has been very consistent throughout the year on and off the runway: The Fall of Colors. Colors have been a big hit on the couture, whether in outfits, jewelry, makeup, hairdo, and other accessories. And with festivities in the wind, brightness and brilliance of colors is a must-have. You can’t miss seeing the vibrant red, green, pink, purple, yellow, orange and other chromatic appearances around you in the forthcoming days of celebration.

In this continuum of colors, emerald jewelry has gained an exceptional fondness from the present-day women. Pick up any fashion magazine or take an online tour to see celebrities’ arrivals on the red carpet, you could find the various unique styles in which emeralds have been donned by the lovely ladies. Mixing this rich green with other hues is one contemporary trend. We were amazed to see the gorgeous Maria Menounos at the Prime time Emmy Awards 2014.

Maria Menounos at the Primetime Emmy Awards 2014                                                           Maria Menounos at the Prime time Emmy Awards 2014

A curvy royal blue gown was accessorized with jade and diamond jewelry. Maria wore a pair of intense green stud earrings and her plunging neckline was a super-wow sight to watch. It was the showstopper of the evening. Her neck made a big-bold statement with a glittering emerald and diamond necklace.

Riley Keough                                                                                             Riley Keough at Cannes Festival 2014 

Likewise, we got to see an absolutely stunning and fine semblance of this striking green gem in the Cannes Festival 2014. Actress Riley Keough chose an unsurpassed fashionable look with her green and lavender round drop earrings. Such well-designed was the look of Amy Adams in 2014 Screen Guild Actors’ Awards, where she flaunted a pair of three-in-one stone drop earrings. It was the unification of diamonds, sapphires and emeralds beautifully studded in a single piece.


Emerald Jewelry


This is how sundry the glamour of emerald sparklers is. Emerald with diamonds and emeralds paired up with amethysts, sapphires, rubies and any other gemstone beauty give a classy, urbane dimension to the jewelry fashion world.

Choose to go green in style this festival season by creating an exclusive fusion of emerald and other colored ensembles and make an eventful debut in the party.

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