Choose Emerald Earrings According Your Face

Emerald is one of the most sought after gemstone and is often classified as the most precious stone. Intense green flawless emeralds are rarely found and so the value of such stones can even overshadow the brilliant diamonds.

Emeralds are unique trendsetters and due to their featured color and clarity they are highly demanded in fine jewelry making. The exotic green of emeralds has a distinct sparkle that effortlessly adds the required brilliance to the wearers’ personality. Emerald Jewelry like rings, pendants and earrings with higher quality and skilled craftsmanship have become extremely popular in past few years.

Emerald earrings play a very important part in boasting a woman’s beauty. They are vital for completing the looks. Women know the value of a well designed pair of emerald diamond earrings and so they pay a lot of attention in selecting the perfect earrings for themselves.

As a special piece of jewelry they beautifully define the facial features and gracefully add the required amount of charm and attraction to the looks.

Along with the lush green hues the different designs of emerald earrings make them an appropriate choice to match with a variety of clothing options. Though every piece of earrings is unique and elegant yet while making a selection you should consider a major factor- your face type as it compliments your looks in a better way.

Let’s check out which type of emerald earrings will suit the following face shapes:

Oval Face Shape

Features: Smooth cheek lines, slightly wider forehead, ideal length to width proportion.


It is considered as the perfect face shape and therefore boasts almost all sorts of designs. Whether you wear short and wide emerald earrings or choose to experiment with shoulder hugging chandeliers and even pick curved to long earrings, each style looks pretty on this face type. From simple emerald studs to circular hoops and dangling emerald pears and chandeliers, people with oval face can enjoy numerous styles of earrings.

Avoid: Too long and solid earrings which could give an elongated appearance to your face.

Round Face Shape

Features: Circular shape with round chin.


People with round face should pick drop, dangling earrings with some angular lines. Such earrings elongate the length and provide an angle to the face. Angular emerald studs and square, rectangle or triangle drop earrings go great if you have round face.

Avoid: Hoops, round studs, button earrings and chunky large earrings.

Square Face Shape

Features: Broad and strong forehead, square hairline and proportionate length and width ratio.


If like Katie Holmes and Salma Hayek you also have square face then look for emerald earrings with round and angular edge as the soft corners will make your face look softer. Round emerald studs, hoops and multi-tiered drop earrings will definitely work for you.

Avoid: Earrings with sharp corners.

Heart Face Shape

Features: Narrow jaw line, wide forehead and stunning cheek bones are the characteristics of this face type.


The up-side-down earrings are best for this face. Tear drops, pyramid chandeliers and pointed emerald earrings are the most suitable options if you have heart shaped face. You need to draw attention to the chin therefore earrings wider at bottom are more favorable.

Avoid: Earrings with wide top.

Long or thin Face Shape

Features: Face length is more than width.


Choose simple studs or three dimensional emerald earrings to add fullness to the face. To give a wider resemblance to the face you can even wear circular, triangular and square earrings.

Avoid: Flat or sleek dangling earrings.

Triangular Face Shape

Features: Wider jaw line and slightly narrower temples.


If this is your face type then like Victoria Beckham, you should choose earrings that will softer your sharp facial angles and make your jaw and cheeks look equally narrower to temples. Large oval or small circular emerald earrings are best for you. Triangular or teardrop earrings will also accentuate the face.

Avoid: Sharp edged earrings.

Now that you have understood your facial type enjoy your shopping of emerald earrings that will grace your looks a magnificent charm and sheer brilliance.

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