It’s “Wonderful Christmastime”

Spoiler Alert – All I wanted for Christmas was you!

Christmas brings along a whole new refreshed set of amazing surprises and moments that transform into merry lifelong memories to feel happy about. Surprises, gifts, wishes, Christmas carols and happiness all around makes us believe the world is still a bright and beautiful place to live in.

Wonderful Christmastime

Christmas remains an absolute bliss with jingling bells, perfumes and good wishes hung in air and our desires twisting and twirling to the tunes of our all time favorite Christmas songs. Making our Christmas better each time, Mariah Carey let us rejoice our Christmas spirits with one of the greatest holiday songs all this while “All I want for Christmas is you”. Our souls got accustomed to the familiar rhythm as it became more of a Christmas tradition! But then, nothing is constant but change.

Leading the Christmas song chart this year, is a used-to-be-little-less-popular The Shins cover of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” from 2012! This took over as a pleasant change. The surprising fact being, “Wonderful Christmastime” was originally written and recorded in 1979, apparently 15 years before Mariah’s “All I want for Christmas is You”. Also as far as YouTube popularity is concerned, The Shins video views for their song don’t hold any comparison to Mariah’s just over 100,575 as of the time and date this article was published The Shins audio-only track remained far behind Mariah’s decently popular holiday sing which got views well over 142 million.

It’s sure hard to believe that the much loved, Mariah Carey’s holiday song could be knocked down by another but this scenario sure strengthens our concept in the fact that nothing lasts forever. We won’t say we were tired of listening to “ All I want for Christmas is you” on repeat every single store we visited for many Christmas’ but still a pleasant change is always good for lightening up the mood afresh!

While we are still trying to get over our “All I want for Christmas is You” charm, we’ll leave it on you to decide which song you would wish to get along with this Christmas. Listen to “Wonderful Christmastime” and decide for yourself, which one you would prefer to play to cherish your moments this Christmas.

Though Carey’s familiarly soul soothing “All I want for Christmas is you” slid to the second position on most listened to songs on Christmas, it still falls in the ‘much loved’ category on our holiday songs list. Remembering the good old tune one more time, here it goes!

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