Cushion and Pear Emerald Dangling Earrings

Cushion and Pear Lab Created Emerald Dangling EarringsYou generally tend to contrast colors in your clothing and jewelry to complete the look. To add an extra sparkle to your gemstone jewels, diamonds are the best solution. Undoubtedly, they are wonderful look-enhancer and prove to be superb companions of any colored stones.

However, they say the greener the better. Thus, unlike combining with diamonds, the whole green piece of jewelry looks smashing and matchless. And when it is the rich emerald green, it blows off the mind. Sometimes, an unblended you, all in a single color from top to toe, become the cynosure of the event.

There is a spotless pair of green dangling earrings that have conquered the province of emerald earrings. The product features a massive pear shaped emerald that is suspended with a cushion cut top. I know the description itself is so mesmerizing that the look will make you starry-eyed. Apart from scattering the lushness of green, the pair is a thrilling jewelry design-a combination of pear shaped emerald crystal with the exclusive cushion cut topping.

If you love what the stars wear, this pair of earrings is a must-to-own for you. These ear candies had been in the news for several months last year as donned by many divas in grand events. Until now, the worthiness of this pair is intact in terms of recent trends. In other words, this bijou makes such a stunning twosome that just like the gemstone emerald is regarded as boundless beauty, its design and style is timeless.

Above all, they can be paired with a green outfit or any other contrasting colored dress like white, black, pink and purple. And this way your desire for a contrasting and stylish demeanor can also be gratified.

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