Round Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Round Emerald and Diamond Earrings An emerald has an appeal that very few gemstones can match up to and no matter what form of jewelry you wear it in this is one stone that will never disappoint you. The most fascinating feature of the gem is its lovely green color that looks wonderful in any piece you wear. However when it is part of a pair of earrings you cannot help but feel thrilled for this undoubtedly is your most favorite variety of jewelry and when it bears a stone you adore you have every reason to feel delighted.

This pair of round emerald and diamond earrings especially looks terribly pretty with its simple but dainty design that can be worn with almost anything you wish. Set with round shaped emeralds that look vibrant and lovely there is also the twinkling company of diamonds that are set right below these evergreen beauties that bring out the splendid green color of the gems beautifully. The white gold setting of course is the ideal choice of metal here that brings out the loveliness of the stones only too well.

This is one pair you can team with all kinds of outfits for it can enliven any piece of clothing. Also it is perfect for any occasion whether casual or formal. With just the right amount of  color, sparkle and charm this pair is a winner right through, and it is not surprising at all that you already are in love with it.

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