Round Emerald and Diamond Hoop Earrings

Round Emerald and Diamond Hoop Earrings What can you possibly say when you see a happy blend of the two most beautiful stones ever set in your most favored variety of jewelry except that it is breathtakingly beautiful and that is exactly what it is, this pair of stunning earrings set with the evergreen emeralds along with the dazzling diamonds. This pair looks absolutely gorgeous and you cannot help but be tempted to make them part of your collection.

The round green beauties alternate with the brilliant diamonds in this pair of hoops that display a heady combination of color and light that is absolutely irresistible. Also this is one style that is a favorite with most women. The little details make this pair out of the ordinary for the stones here vary in size only a little but that makes the overall look even more fetching. The white gold setting of course plays its perfect part and displays the beauty of each stone in the most striking fashion. The slightly elongated appearance makes it look prominent and you are sure to stand out each time you wear this fabulous pair.

Emerald Hoop Earrings                              Round Emerald Earrings Perfect for an important occasion where you want to look your very best this is one pair that is sure to draw loads of attention. The very fact that both the stones present have an inherent appeal that is hard to miss is reason enough for you to indulge in this charming pair of emerald and diamond hoop earrings.

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