Round Emerald Solitaire Studs

You love your earrings in every style and design but there is no denying the fact that a pair of studs always score over the more elaborate and ornate pieces and in spite of their simplicity they always manage to look elegant and perfect for any occasion. This is the reason that no matter how many pairs you may already have you always feel there’s scope for more.

So here is yet another delight that you are sure to love. Set with the evergreen emeralds this pair looks attractive and charming with almost anything you wear. The very fact that these green hued gems are one of the most beautiful and sought after varieties is reason enough for you to indulge. Besides the classic round shape they come in also helps to pronounce their unique color and beauty. One more distinctive feature of this pair is the fact that here instead of using the natural colored variety of stones their laboratory created counterparts have been included.


The advantage is that not only do you get a pair of lovely looking stones that meet every criterion of color and clarity but they also come to you at a much more reasonable rate. The silver setting complements the stones well. Overall it is a good idea to indulge in these charming lab created emerald solitaire studs that are eternal in their beauty.

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