The contrasting decoy of Emerald Earrings

When she unrolled the Red Carpet at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards this year, the flash of her smile stunned the audience. Yes, the intoxicating eyes of Mila Kunis mesmerized everyone with her halter neck black gown and emerald green stud earrings. I have been talking about the contrasting effect of emerald jewelry in my blogs, and this is how beautifully Mila proved it.

Mila Kunis Earrings at 2014 Golden Globe Awards

She wore a deep cut back that showed the innate artistry of her body, and her black eye makeup was a glamorous add-on. The deep green petite studs on her ears perfectly complimented the look. Overall, the actress looked ravishing.

The news revealed that they were the original Zambian emeralds, which were extracted from the world’s largest emerald mine and owned by Gemfields. Undoubtedly, the pair was as delightful as it was small in size. They made a striking appearance and unusual sight, which is actually seen once in a thousand.

Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon

Right from 2009 Academy Awards, when Angelina Jolie paired her black dress with green dangling earrings, the magnetism of emerald earrings is beheld until now. In 2011, it was Resse Witherspoon’s designer emerald droplets that brought out the exuberance of green as she walked down the aisle.

Emerald Earring Collection

In fact, Emerald Green was celebrated as 2013 color of the year, by Pantone Inc. Last year, many theme weddings were witnessed in this bright green. And the start of this year saw a knockout with Mila’s cute studs. You can now imagine how intensely the magnificence of this green crystal has lured our A-list stars.

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