Natural Emerald Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is not only a bling of adornment; it is a symbol of eternal togetherness and lasting devotion. The practice of sealing the relationship with a ring is a time-honored tradition. The Romans were said to be the pioneers of the brilliant ritual. Their rings were rather simple iron hoops which in later centuries were replaced with gold bands. Since the onset of engagement ring tradition, rings were the symbol of eternal love and faith.


It was in early 15th century when gemstones were introduced to engagement bling. And the traditional diamond rings came into existence. For decades the diamond rings were the favorite choice for engagement bauble. But many brides-to-be throughout the history were presented gemstone engagement rings. And one of them was the famous Jackie Bouvier who received a magnificent diamond and emerald engagement ring. Even in recent times emerald rings have gradually gained a lot of popularity.

Being the glamorous stone, emerald has been pleasing the jewelry lovers for centuries. This gem is unique and holds a dignified position among the four precious stones. Flawless emeralds of high quality are even more costly than diamonds.

Emeralds as lush green stones are said to possess a mystical aura which makes them a prominent choice for engagement rings. The rich green hues of the gem greatly compliment every skin tone and ensemble. Emerald rings as a new fashion trend are the best for a non-traditional approach. They are perfect style compliment which would last in vogue for years to come.


As a part of royal jewels emerald has been on top of the chart for decades. From royalties to celebrities, many enjoyed the spring like beauty of emeralds. And recently the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry received a unique and opulent emerald engagement ring.

So it is quite clear that the endearing looks of this charming and imperial gem summons one for action. Emerald engagement ring symbolizes eternal love, lasting commitment and growing understanding. It expresses trust, devotion and youthfulness in a relation.

Whether its royal association, symbolism or personal preference, emerald engagement rings are the best choice to show true commitment and spring like love.


From vintage to contemporary, a collection of numerous emerald rings are available for an elite choice. If you like to go with latest trends then antique rings with Victorian, Edwardian or art-deco designs are most suitable for you. But if you want to go with your neurons then get a customized design for the loving expression.


Choose the desired setting like prongs, pave, channel, bezel, tension etc in precious metals like gold or platinum and create a stunning proposal. The selection of stone shape is also an important point. Emerald-cut is the well known cut for the stone as this step cut helps in maximum light reflection. Other cuts like square cut, brilliant round or oval, Asscher cut are also very popular in emerald engagement rings.


Emerald solitaires and three-stones are the traditional styles while twisted, split shank, halo styles are more modern approach. You can even combine the vintage designs with modern looks to make an out-of-the-box piece.


The signature emerald rings are also in fashion. Combine the accent diamonds to emerald for a refined symbolic ring.

As the nature’s beauty is limitless so is true for the emerald rings. As an engagement bling an emerald ring is temptingly traditional, fashionable, elite, elegant and exotic.

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    Debra Steiner

    Your emerald rings are besutiful. I love the square cut u have on this page. Could u send me some prices and sizes please

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