An Emerald Engagement Ring – the right cut!

Most gentlemen take their time in deciding on an engagement ring for their ladies. Well it’s not that tough a task as you think! You just need to know what’s in and uncommon. Emerald is one of the most sought-after precious gemstones other than sapphire and ruby. An emerald engagement ring is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. It’s symbolic of your precious and everlasting relationship.

Getting engaged is a great experience. Genuine emeralds in an engagement ring look truly mesmerizing. So when you’re all set to propose to her then gift an emerald ring to your lady and make her feel special. If you want something unique and different then read through to find the different cuts that are available in emerald. The trend shows many different cuts in emerald that make the ring look stunning.

Classic-cut emerald ring

A Classic-cut emerald ring never goes out of trend. It has a long lasting elegance and looks quite sophisticated. The best suited  cuts for a classic ring are round and oval. However, the latest classic cut on the scene is the oval. A classic ring with an oval shaped emerald, with diamonds fringing looks truly mesmerizing. The ring will definitely suit her classic feel for jewelry.

Antique emerald-cut ring

Antique emerald-cut ring is hot and in fashion these days. It complements the vintage theme of your wardrobe which is back in trend once again. An antique style filigree emerald ring with diamonds on the band looks quite trendy. Intricately detailed, the ring looks timeless with a vibrant emerald at the center. Her vintage dressing will go well with an antique style filigree emerald ring.

Fancy-cut emerald ring

Emerald looks brilliant with fancy cuts like asscher, marquise, navette, briolette, heart and trillion. An asscher-cut emerald looks unique and elegant especially when set in a solitaire ring. These cuts showcase the stones color attributes. A three stone emerald ring in fancy cut emeralds look lovely when set with diamond accents. Whatever she wears, be it a pair of casual jeans or a floral dress, an emerald ring in like navette, heart and trillion will compliment her wardrobe nicely.

Like any other trend in fashion, the trend in emerald engagement ring is quite dynamic. Choose the style according to her personality and take a cue from her jewelry that she wears every day. Get started right away and show what you feel for her. The ageless emerald engagement ring, be it in classic-cut emerald, antique or any fancy-cut, will spell its magic for sure. She’ll treasure it forever! Whenever she’ll glance at the lush green emerald in her ring, it will remind her of your never-ending love.


  • July 1, 2009


    the antique emerald ring looks amazing…where can i find one?

  • November 8, 2009


    That classic cut ring, how much does it run, the one you have in a picture