Emerald Engagement Ring – Perfect Choice for A Romantic Confection

Are you looking for an engagement ring which would show your emotions and at the same time have the appeal of spring? Well, I could suggest you the best option as an emerald engagement ring. Don’t worry I have some good and genuine reasons for my choice.

So let’s start with the color. From light to dark green, emerald comes in every shade of green. Green is the color of spring and nature. It represents growth, safety and happiness. Freshness, fertility and peace are other attributes that are symbolized by green.

Elizabeth-Taylor-Emerald-Ring Emerald-Cut-Emerald-and-Diamond-Ring-in-Platinum_SR0337EH

This green color of nature is the color of emerald. Emerald is one of the ancient gemstones known to mankind. Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was said to have her own emerald mines which are also known as the oldest emerald mines in the world. Emerald was selected by Queen Victoria for her engagement ring. It was also a favorite gem of many Maharajas and Maharanis of India. Mogul Emerald is a famous emerald piece known to the world. Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor had many jewels embedded with emeralds.

So being an ancient stone it deserves your prime concern for an engagement ring. But don’t limit to this. Other reason to choose an emerald ring is the excellent brilliance of these rings which is enough to conjure the viewers. When an emerald is set in platinum with accent diamonds, it lends an insanely gorgeous appeal. Platinum is a precious and lasting metal. Diamonds symbolizes eternal love and emerald is for successful and ever growing relation.

So in all you don’t have to speak anything. Just an emerald engagement ring is more than enough to express the deepest emotions.

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