Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement is the most beautiful part of a relationship. When picking a perfect ring for your loved one, you have to find a design that is trendy yet timeless and perfectly suits her taste.

In recent years, we have seen most of the jewelry trends are influenced by celebrity jewelry. The jewelry industry has to find a way between modern and classic style in order to help every woman find the perfect ring of her dreams.

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring for your future bride or want to update your engagement ring to fit the latest style trends, check out our handy pick of most popular ring trends. This will surely help you make a better decision.


  • Gemstone and Colored Diamond

    People mostly prefer white diamond as the centre stone for an engagement ring, but in recent times, it has been changed. These days, women prefer colored gemstones such as emerald, ruby or blue sapphire. They are perfect for women who prefer a unique and significant ring.

    colored gemstone rings
    For those who like to keep it classic with a touch of modernity, an array of fancy diamond engagement rings are available. These colored diamond rings give a truly distinct touch to any look.

  • Solitaire with a Twist

    solitare engagement rings
    A Solitaire is always a best option for engagement rings but to add a bit of style to this traditional trend we are seeing lot of solitaires with twisted bands. It is picking up quickly in the market in recent times.

  • Rose Gold

    Rose Gold Engagement Rings
    If traditional gold rings don’t fancy you, try rose gold! Rose gold makes an engagement ring unique, soft on looks and feminine. Being a warm and romantic color, it suits all skin tones. It also enhances and deepens the sparkle of center stone. If you doubt the beauty of rose gold, look out for Blake Lively’s rose gold engagement ring. It was an absolutely stunner. It can rightly be said that she has popularized this new amazing trend!

  • Halo Ring

    Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

    Halo rings have seen a huge come back in recent years. Being so brilliant and everlasting, This vintage-inspired style is becoming popular day by day. We are expecting more of halo engagement rings in fall wedding season but with a twist – double halo settings and split shanks. These designs work for any woman who would like to wear a beautiful ring with a vintage touch!

  • Fancy Shape

    We know a round brilliant or princess shape can never go out of style. These classic shapes have always been appreciated. However, this year fancy shapes such as pear, oval, baguette or even heart shape will be a choice for women who want to stand out in the crowd.

    Lady Gaga inspired Heart shaped engagement rings

    Heart shape is the symbol of love and romance. Heart shaped engagement rings are picking up enormously, especially after Lady Gaga has showed off her fabulous heart shaped engagement.

Hope the above ring trends help you find the perfect ring for your soul mate. Do let us know your thoughts on the same?


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