Most Famous Emeralds of the World

What is the most exciting characteristic of a lush green emerald? Is it its lustre, sparkle, saturated color or the inclusions in it? Yes, you heard us correct; we are talking about the inclusions in the gemstone. We may sound strange or new to you, but there are many people in this world who have a different eye to view the beauty of emeralds. They think that the inclusions within the gemstone is nature’s prints and they rather increase the beauty of emerald manifolds.

Besides, this physical beauty, emeralds are also known to cure the ailments of the eyes and to bestow love, luck and prosperity to the wearer. For Greeks, it is the sacred stone of Venus- the Goddess of love! Since centuries, Royals and celebrities are known to fall in ’emerald love’ and their resplendent jewelry has always inspired us. Talking along the same lines, let’s check out few of the world’s most famous emeralds.

The Mughal Emerald

The Mughal Emerald
It is one of the largest emerald of the world and it measures 10 centimetres and weighs whopping 217 carats. It dates back to 1695 and the most unique and interesting fact about this gem are the inscription on the sides. Holy prayer on one side and flowers on other side of the gem enhance its beauty. An anonymous bidder bought it in $2.2 million in 2001.

The Crown of Andes

World Most Famous The Crown of Andes
Its story is surely very interesting and unique. This massive yellow gold crown was made by the settlers of the city of Inca. It was made purely as an offering to the Blessed Virgin Mary to spare the city, as it was under high plague. The golden frame of the crown weighs 100 lbs. The 453 emeralds encrusted to the crown weigh at least 1,500 carats in total.

We were astonished to learn about these gems and the interesting legends associated with them. How do you feel after reading about them? Share with us your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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