Last minute Valentine gift idea !

There is still time to say ” I Love U” !

So you are late? Like always?? Ok not judging you here. But you haven’t had a chance to look for the perfect gift for the lovely girl in your life, or maybe you did genuinely look out for a gift but could not decide until now – here’s your breather – a quick look at last minute gift ideas:
1.      Don’t want to go the usual chocolate way, have a cake delivered to her with a love message.

2.      Cook and invite her for dinner.

3.      Plan a surprise party.

4.      Fill her room with little heart shaped balloons while she is out.

5.      Take out your camping gear and take her on an adventure trip – Valentines night with nature.

Still not sure what would work the best? When in doubt buy jewelry. Buy her a beautiful emerald pendant and earrings , tell her your world is cool when she is around, top it with a sweet kiss. Wow! Is my boyfriend reading this?

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  • Reply February 14, 2009


    i like the concept of ur post…i like the new style of giving jewelry….Thanks a lot for ur new style to say “i love u”….

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