Valentine’s Day- St Valentine’s Gift To Us All

Anything that has love behind it is special beyond words and Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s a day we celebrate love across the globe and shower our loved one with gifts of flowers, chocolates, cards and everything romantic. Wondering how this wonderful day came into being? Well, it was St. Valentine, the good priest, who also lends his name to this significant day. It is believed that Rome, during the reign of Emperor Claudius II was witness to a new norm by the Emperor, who believed that single men proved better soldiers in the battlefield than married ones with wives and families. Hence he forbade all young men to marry. The good St. Valentine found this forcible law highly unjust and secretly continued to wed young men and women. On being discovered, he was put to death by the Emperor. Ever since this day has been marked and celebrated to rejoice in the beautiful feeling of love.

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