Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

Why Emerald Jewelry is So Famous?

We have seen the emerald engagement ring Halle Berry received and the darling emerald ring Victoria Beckham showed off on the red carpet. This is not the first time emeralds have paraded on the red carpet. In fact they are the proud choice of royals and celebs for decades. The long written history of emerald jewelry speaks a lot about the enticing beauty of the stone.

So it is quite clear that this charming and imperial gem has been bewitching the masses for centuries. But what is there in emerald that summons one for an action?

The answer lies into the endearing looks of the stone. This member of beryl family has the natural grassy green in its favor. Emeralds in their natural raw state are generally dull and full of flaws. It is through the cutting and oil treatment that these stones shine flawlessly. With a characteristic hardness of 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s scale, the gems are said to be less hard than diamonds and sapphires.

Instead of the flaws they have, emeralds are one of the most desired stones for jewelry. Along with the hues they persist, the adorable symbolism is also a reason for the likes. Emerald is known as the gem of the kings. It signifies springtime and growth. The stone is associated with eternal love, trust and commitment.

When studded in precious metals like gold, platinum or silver they become more valuable. Emerald engagement rings are perfect for loving expressions. Emerald jewelry as a charming spring sensation lends a dazzling beauty to the bright looks. Emerald studs, dangles and hoops are very popular among women of all ages as they suit to every skin tone and occasion.

If you also desire to add some spring sparkle to your bewitching style then emerald jewelry is the best choice. You can easily get quality emerald rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces from authentic online jewelry stores. These stores offer a vivid collection of fine jewelry in endless styles and designs. And you’ll certainly be satisfied with the quality service they provide.

Best Emerald Jewelry Gifts for Natural Expressions

The bright green emeralds know how to be in news. Their vibrant green color, mesmerizing crystal structure and endearing beauty help them in staying in the hearts and minds of jewelry lovers. Emerald jewelry especially symbolizes growth and harmony. The color green of emeralds depict nature and spring season.

Whether you pick emerald jewelry for gifting somebody to show your utmost care and concern or choose some elegant pieces to add a pop of natural hues to your own fashion, the grace of emerald jewelry will surely command the desired praise and completeness.

Though every design of emerald jewelry is exceptionally beautiful still the below five are my favorite. They are just bewitching and radiant that anybody could fall in love with them instantly. If you think you want to spoil your special someone or want to express your own style statement then consider these and you will never go wrong.

The Circle of Love Ring

Emerald-and-Diamond-Ring This circle of love emerald ring is enough to show the brimming emotions. Whether you are choosing it for yourself or gifting it to your special someone, it will never fail in transferring the charm and brilliance it has. A fine quality round emerald in this ring is setting in a halo of shimmering diamonds. Also the 14k white gold sleek band is encrusted with diamonds for more radiance. This is a lovely expression of unsaid emotions as well as a pretty style marker.

Round Emerald and Diamond Circle Pendant

Emerald-Circle-PendantA charmed circle of emeralds expresses welcome of spring. This circled emerald pendant signifies the same freshness of springtime. And the diamond dangling in the center o f the circle is adding the brightness and eternity to the emotions. I like this pendant especially because it has so much to show. You can wear it with everything out there in your wardrobe and you’ll always look different and stunning.

Cushion and Pear Emerald Dangling Earrings

Cushion and Pear Emerald Dangling Earrings You must have figured these ravishing earrings. Yes they are similar to the once worn by Angelina Jolie. But this is not the only reason of listing them here. Just see how clear and clam are they! Whether you opt for a black shiny silk dress or choose fiery red sequin attire, they know how to complete your style and always do it right. The cushion studs in rhomboid shape are securely holding the dangling bold pears. The lush green of these emerald earrings will surely resonate the surrounding with its substantial presence!

The Concord Ring

The Concord Ring Emerald Twisted Shank Ring The specialty of this ring is its exemplary craftsmanship and simple yet revealing design. The twisted 14k white gold band with lustrous diamonds is artistically holding a natural flawless round emerald. The entire ring lends a sense of whirlpool of emotions. This is a magnificent ring with unlimited options of styling. Wear it for an evening dinner or go for a day out, every time it will help you in punctuating your trendy looks. And if you are planning to surprise someone special then it is nothing but the best.

Trillion Emerald and Diamond Border Pendant

Emerald-Diamond-Pendant Emerald is a stone which easily adds glamor to any style. And if it is a trillion emerald set with diamonds then noting can beat the opulence it lends. The last but not the least of my selected emerald diamond jewelry is one such item. This gorgeous and luminous pendant is a conglomeration of brilliance, simplicity and glory. A perfect gift, this trillion emerald and diamond border pendant is an august match to your stately personality.

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