Angelina Jolie Sporting Emeralds at the 81st Oscar Ceremony

Lets admit it. For any award function, its not just the awards that interest us, but the stars who walk the red carpet. Nothing catches our fancy more than the designer swatches they drape and the dazzling jewels they sport. The 81st Academy awards this year was once again the red carpet event we all remained glued to, soaking in all the fine clothes and jewelry, more than the award categories. I must say barring a few, most of the lovely ladies sizzled. The one that once again lived up to her image of the sex goddess and seductress did not disappoint. You’ve got it. Its Angelina Jolie I’m talking about. The lady was oozing style in her black strapless gown, and look how well she made her jewelry the focal point of her appearance. The emerald earrings stood out in all their magnificence, and so did the stately emerald ring on her right hand. She added oodles of interest with her choice of stones. Where diamonds would have looked passe, emeralds evoked considerable attention. Now that’s what we call a true style statement.

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