Caring for your Emerald Jewelry

emerald cut emerald

Your fine green emeralds would forever stay as beautiful given; you take its proper care.

1. First and foremost store your emerald jewelry in a separate box. This would prevent your emeralds from being scratched from other gems.

2. The easiest way to clean your emeralds at home is with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.

3. One should get their jewelry periodically examined by professionals. With time settings tend to become loose, loose gemstone can come out of setting or can scratch other gems as well as the metal since most of the metals tend to be softer than the gems.

4. One should avoid wearing their emerald jewelry when doing any kind of intensive work. A hard blow might crack the stone.

5. Even the finest emeralds are found with inclusions. To treat the same emerald are given fracture filling treatment. Thus emeralds are never to be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners as they might harm the filling.

6. Emeralds should never be boiled to clean.

7. Emerald should not be exposed to extreme temperatures as it can damage the oil treatment given to them making them vulnerable to breakage.

8. Emerald should never be cleaned with steam cleaners or any solution that contains petroleum distillate as they are not compatible with the oil treatment given to emeralds.

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