Emerald Jewelry


Emeralds have been known to be used for adornment since times immemorial. The royals of the past elaborately used emerald jewelry. In the modern age also this timeless beauty is coveted for its mesmerizing appeal.

Emerald gemstones are very often bezel set to protect the edges from chipping or from accidental impact. Round shaped emeralds are often costlier as compared to other shapes as it is difficult to shape a facet the gem, also a lot of the rough goes waste if the gemstone is shaped round. Emerald shape accentuates the lovely color of the gemstone allowing the inclusions to take a back stage. Emeralds look great with diamonds or white sapphires as these add to the royal charm of the gem. Choose classic designs for a more regal look.

Emerald Care

The fissures and inclusions that are characteristic of emerald are traditionally filled with oil to minimize their impact. You should avoid cleaning emerald with hot soapy water or steam and never clean an emerald in an ultrasonic cleaner because this oil could be removed or damaged, damaging the beauty of the stone. Never use harsh detergents and or any cleaning solutions that contain petroleum distillates. Avoid soaking your emerald gems and jewelry in water for long, and only use something like an old soft toothbrush (without toothpaste). A warm moist cloth may also be used to clean emerald jewelry.

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