Gift Her Green Surprise

If you girl is May born, then her birthstone is Emerald gemstone and any jewelry having this glistening gemstone in it will be welcomed.

Green is the Symbol of Love

Green is the Symbol of Love

It will be a great idea to gift her emerald jewelry along with some matching green colored accessories. Let us have a glimpse at what all can be gifted-

1) Green Dress– Most of the girls like to have dresses as gift and this will be great idea to give a green colored outfit of her choice. Just be careful to select the type which she likes the most.

2) Handbag and Footwear– What can look best to her dress than a perfectly matching pair of footwear and a purse/handbag? She will be glad to have these from you.

3) Glittering Green Nail Paint– If she loves to flaunt off her unique style to her friends, then gifting her green glitter nail paint will work well.

4) Emerald JewelryA ring, pair of earrings and/or an amazingly designed pendant will complete your gift set in the most alluring manner. If some diamonds are also added to the pieces, the sparkling charm will leave her speechless.

Green Emerald Jewelry

Even if your girl is not May born, this collection of green gifts will win her heart for sure. Additionally, this will be a soothing change as you already must have given a lot of red gifts!

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