Make your Christmas Celebration Greener and Glamorous

Hey girls, many of you might have begun your Christmas preparations, especially deciding upon your clothing and jewelry. Christmas is much about red, white and green hues. You can’t miss seeing these lovely colors in the winter celebrations; there is a dose of each in your surroundings. Choosing a little something green to wear on the Christmas Eve is a fantastic idea as the color is an expression of rejuvenation and affluence.

With Christmas arrives a new year, when your heart is filled with fresh aspirations and desires. They say that the fun of festivity proliferates when you are dressed in the smartest of attire and the most sparkling jewels. Just like the fashion world has countless options, the kingdom of jewelry presents you with some exquisite and bright colored gemstones. And when the case of need is green, what can be better than the magnificent emeralds?

green fashion

Emerald jewelry is rich and glamorous and catches the attention of even the young and modern girls of the present century. It has a lush and lavish appearance that goes well with the mood of holiday frolic. Emerald earrings and rings have cherished a great 2014 as they were among the top ten ensembles of the red carpet this year. So donning them on this year’s Christmas party will boast your stylish personality and lifestyle.

As an instance, you could possibly choose the combination of emerald and diamonds to add into your jewelry casket. Or even a pure jade color in your jewelry is sure to get you noticed. The most rewarding feature of emerald jewels is their versatility; they are wonderful complements for all outfit styles such as formal, casual or ethnic wear. Also, be it a green-colored dress or white gown, this plush green gemstone creates a scintillating aura.

You can be more fashionable by customizing your green Christmas bijou and creating a blend of emeralds with pearls and rubies in a single piece. This will undeniably be a jingling way to honor the theme of the festival.

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