Most Famous Emerald Jewelry at Auctions

Emeralds, the gemstone of love, luck and prosperity have long been cherished and collected. They provide beholding appearance when encrusted to jewelry. Their lush green color and perfect luster capture our attention in no time. This eternal charm has mesmerized everyone across the globe; be it Hollywood celebrities, British Royals or common people, no one is left aloof from getting bedazzled by emeralds.

In addition to the glamorous and noteworthy emerald jewelry showcased by famous people, the ones which are auctioned at various auction houses worldwide, let us witness the hidden emerald treasures. Let’s have a look at these resplendent beauties.

  1. An emerald and diamond necklace fetched the whopping amount of $1,129,806 in total. It has two strands of graduated emerald beads; one has thirty three pieces and the other has thirty two pieces. Total carat weight is around 598.71 carats. These are gathered by an oval shaped bombe clasp, which is set with emeralds in a diamond set foliate surround, and mounted in platinum and gold.emerald and diamond necklace sold for amazing amount of $1,129,806 at auction
  2. An emerald suite by Van Cleef & Arpels was sold for amazing amount of $662,290 in all. This collection consists of a pendant sautoir, detachable pendant posed as a fluted emerald bead and diamond collet tiered cluster, suspending a series of tassels and circular-cut diamond cluster necklace with diamond collet quatrefoil spacers.emerald bead and circular-cut diamond cluster necklace sold for amazing amount of $662,290 at auction
  3. More than triple of its pre-sale estimate, an emerald, diamond and enamel rosemary necklace fetched great amount. Late 17th century jewel, this piece hails from the Saxon Royal family. It was sold for $842,500 and has 70 emerald beads which are separated by yellow gold roundelles set with table cut diamonds. It suspends a pendant which has five double cabochon emeralds and many table cut diamonds.

17th century emerald beads necklace sold for amazing amount of $842,500 at auction

How do you feel after learning about these gems? We are left in complete awe. Share with us your views on these magnificent emerald jewels.

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