Most Memorable Emerald Jewelry

As I see, think, read and write anything about emerald jewelry, it hits me with the glamorous picture of Angelina Jolie in her deep green emerald statement earrings. I don’t even remember that any of these award ceremonies has ever missed the lushness of emerald jewels. Either in the form of statement earrings, neck stunners or ring zings, these green crystals have added an eye-catching sparkle in all the big events.


Oscars, being one of the prominent award events, welcomed Amy Adams in a terrific look. She was the flashiest figure in the crowd because of the way she dressed herself from top to bottom. Her body hugging royal blue dress dazzled it all. To complete her look, Amy picked up the most contrasting combination ever, i.e. the green gemstone in her neck and hand. A cute layered necklace containing around 575 diamonds and a massive green crystal in the end looked classic. She also wore an enormous emerald in her bracelet. Amy flaunted a perfect chic look with her rich green charms.

Amy Adams at 2011 Oscar

Also, our ravishing Beyonce Knowles showed off an orbicular shimmering emerald in her finger on 11th MTV music awards. It was just the right bling for her personality.

Beyonce at 2011 11th MTV music awards


This was the year of emeralds. In every ceremony, the green stones unleashed its magic. The Golden Globe awards witnessed uniqueness in emerald jewelry when Debra Messing made it through with a mishmash of purple amethyst and emerald green in her earrings. It was an audacious earring pair where a journey of three amethysts as the center stone was seen enveloped with cute green crystals. It was a regal connotation that Debra presented.

Debra Messing at 2012 Golden Globe award

In the same line, this bold hue marked its presence with Julian Moore’s emerald tassel earrings. She made it to the list with her neck kissing danglers.

Julianne Moore at 2012 Golden Globe award

In the Vanity Fair Oscar party 2012, Victoria Beckham scored a goal with a massive square shimmering green halo ring. It was encircled with petite sparklers and made a stunning appearance in the party.

Victoria Beckham at Vanity Fair Oscar party 2012


The audience again eyeballed a pair of gold and emerald earrings in Michelle Dockery’s ears at the Golden Globe awards 2013. It was a whole Bulgari collection in the event. She also took up a solitaire jade diamond and gold ring in her index finger that matched perfectly with her golden white gown.

Michelle Dockery at Golden Globe awards 2013

I can’t forget Beyonce’s stage performance on the National Anthem in the presence of President Obama. On top of it, her look on the day is enduring. A full jet black dress paired with floral emeralds on her ears rocked the stage. That was a million dollar pair which she adorned especially in the honor of our President.

Beyonce sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” during a 2013 Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama


The year started with a magnificent jewelry kick at the Golden Globe awards when our legendary Helen Mirren scattered vivacity with her green grandeur. Her green one-piece, floral green clutch, Bulgari emerald jewelry collection and sweet smile mesmerized the audience. She wore a splendid pair of rich green and sparkling white earrings and a matching bracelet.

Helen Mirren at Golden Globe awards 2014

Likewise, our cutest Mila Kunis dashed with dainty bottle green studs that were a lovely contrast to her hot black dress. Her hand too held a featured bracelet that consisted of an emerald. The year saw an exciting and edgy emerald collection and looks forward to the prettiest green bevy.

Mila Kunis Earrings at 2014 Golden Globe Awards

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