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There is no doubt that jewelry completes the look that clothes and make up alone cannot. No ensemble looks perfect without the right kind of jewelry and it is up to you to see what coordinates best and flatters your looks the most. Where in some cases a simple string of pearls look elegant and optimum, there may be other outfits and occasions where nothing less than the glitter of diamonds will do. For those of you who are smitten by the color and dazzle of gemstones, there is one for almost every style and occasion. Emerald especially is one gemstone that is not only immensely beautiful but also timeless and there are very few women who are not completely in love with the lush green hue of emeralds.

Emerald in any form of jewelry looks stunning, whether emerald rings, emerald earrings or emerald pendants. The most fascinating fact about emerald jewelry is that they compliment most outfits. If you thought it was mandatory for your clothes to be any shade of green in order to match well with emeralds, you are mistaken. Emerald jewelry looks startlingly beautiful with many other hues as well, apart from green. In case you have forgotten let me help you recollect how very flattering the emerald drop earrings and the cushion emerald ring looked against the black gown that the ravishing Angelina Jolie chose to wear at the Oscars last year. Not only did she leave many gasping for breath, she also brought about a new fashion trend that took the world by storm, with many a jeweler taking cue and designing similar jewelry that their female clientele simply couldn’t resist. 

Another interesting quality that emeralds possess is that these stones not only look wonderful as day wear but equally flatter an evening ensemble. Emerald studs, emerald drops and emerald hoops are perfect as day time jewelry. You can also add a solitaire pendant or an emerald ring in your favorite design for a more pronounced look. If you’re choosing emerald jewelry for a special evening or a red carpet event, you can go ahead and indulge in the luxury of emeralds highlighted with diamonds. The shimmer of diamonds against the warm hue of emeralds can not only bring alive any outfit but also make heads turn.

Whether casual or formal, emeralds go well with all kinds of outfits. Besides, if you wish to make the other women turn green with envy, all you need to do is go ahead and flaunt your favorite emerald jewelry and see the effect you bring about.

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