The Emeralds of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen's 60 years Diamond Jubilee

The spectacular Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne came to an end with a grand festival. This ceremony however gave us the opportunity to look back at the glory of one of the most famous kingdoms in history.

Queen Elizabeth II emerald collection

Being an ardent admirer of royal jewels, I found this to the perfect time to introduce some famous emerald pieces from the vaults of Queen Elizabeth II. Let me tell you about emeralds only for the time being, as this collection alone deserves a lengthy discussion.

These are royal jewels, and so, it is only to be expected that there will be an amazing collection.

Queen Mary’s Cambridge EmeraldVladmir Tiara Pair of Earrings & Brooch

Queen Mary’s Cambridge Emerald Collection has some pristine emerald jewels. The collection was inherited by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. There is a necklace, a pair of earrings, a fabulous brooch, and a choker that the queen now wears with the Vladmir Tiara.

Queen Mary

The necklace was presented to Queen Mary by the Maharani of Patiala on her first visit to India. Later, on the Queen’s suggestion, the parure was altered by Garrads. They made the emerald pendant detachable and added an 8.8 carat Cullinan VII diamond as another detachable pendant to it.

Princess Diana Wear The Emerald & Diamond EarringsJewelry Were Given As Gifts To Princess Diana

The earrings were studded with Cambridge cushion emeralds haloed by 22 brilliant cut diamonds. The choker the Queen gave to Princess Diana as her wedding gift was also a part of this collection. The brooch incorporates two Cambridge emeralds with lots of diamonds. The cushion shaped emerald was set amidst the diamond encrusted lining. The second pear shaped emerald was detachable.

Grandmother Queen Mary Gave Her Granddaughter Vladmir Tiara

Along with the Cambridge collection, the Queen also inherited the Vladmir Tiara from her grandmother Queen Mary. The tiara is known for its splendid beauty and craftsmanship. It has 15 detachable pendant emeralds from the Cambridge collection.

Vladimir Emeralds Mary Elizabeth

There is another emerald and gold set in her collection where teardrop emeralds have been set in the knot diamond encrusted yellow gold necklace with matching earrings.

Godman Emerald and Diamond Necklace

We can’t miss the Godman necklace that was gifted by the elderly Godman sisters to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The necklace received its name from the first owner. It was inherited by the sisters from their father in the 1890s. Delicately designed from platinum with floral motif patterns, it certainly looks amazing. The symmetrical arrangement of emeralds and diamonds adds to the beauty and makes it truly exquisite.

These are a few of emerald jewels from her majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s personal collection. We find them all worth mentioning.

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