Why It Is Essential to Appraise Your Emerald Jewelry

Emerald is an evergreen gem. It is the expression of new life and renewal. Emeralds are extensively used in various types of fashion jewelry. They are amazing as engagement rings, and add the perfect glamour to the red carpet.

Emerald Is An Evergreen GemEmerald Are Used In Varipus Tyape Of Fastion jewelry

You will have to pay quite a handsome amount to buy natural emeralds, whether in loose or mounted in jewelry. You look at the gem, find out what the jeweler has to say, and decide to purchase. But what if another jewelry expert tells you that it is not a real piece, or that, the quality is not what you were told? That could really be a mind freezing situation. You would probably feel cheated by the jeweler.

Natural Emerald Jewelry Created By The Jeweler

But there is a way in which you can avoid any such dilemma. When you are purchasing emerald jewelry, it’s better to ask for an appraisal certificate issued from a recognized laboratory.

GemologistThe Enchanted Ring

It is a wise way to evaluate jewelry. The jewelry appraisal is always done by an independent gemologist who holds the credentials from a trusted appraisal organization. It is also done by an appraisal laboratory.

Emerald Gems & Metal By using Finest Methods

The appraisal process includes detailed analyses of the gems and metal. By using the finest methods, an appraiser evaluates the quality of the emeralds and accent stones in jewelry, examines the metal and finally creates the report that gives a detail description of the gemstones and jewelry. The report also gives an estimated cost of the jewelry, which is quite useful for insurance and retail replacement value analysis.

When you have the appraisal of your emeralds done by a trusted international or national appraisal organization, you can be rest assured about the quality and price of the gemstones.

Emerald Jewelry Certificate

The certificate doesn’t just state the value, but it also gives you relief and a sense of security as it ensures that the dazzling piece you are wearing is pure and natural.

So the next time when you purchase the emeralds, don’t forget to ask for an appraisal along with it. It’s truly worth it!

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