Emerald Pendant – A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

The charm of emerald jewelry is endless. This gem of spring shows positive growth in any relation. It exhibits eternal love, true devotion and sensible admiration. When you wish to express your love and emotions in a much symbolic manner then nothing but a lovely emerald pendant can do wonders.

Dream-Girl-for-this-Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is quite near and you must be wondering what to get for your dream girl? An emerald pendant set in precious metal is all you need to make the day a milestone in your relation.

Emerald is the stone of beryl mineral family and naturally comes in different shades of green. Finding a flawless emerald is rather difficult because the gem naturally has fissures or inclusions which formed during the crystal formation. These are generally treated by filling and oil treatments. But it is not the case with every emerald piece.

Emeralds are quite hard so can be cut in any desired shape. Emerald-cut is a famous shape named after emerald gemstone. It is a unique shape that maximizes the surface area of the stone allowing maximum light to pass through it. It also helps in hiding or removing of inclusions if there are any.

Heart-Emerald-and-Diamond-Dangling-Pendant-in-14K-White-Gold_SP0119EH Heart-Emerald-Solitaire-Pendant-in-14K-White-Gold_SP0152EH

Other shapes include regular shapes like round and oval and fancy shapes like princess, trillion, and heart-shape. For Valentine’s Day, an emerald cut in heart shape is the best gift. Heart represents life and emerald shows nature, growth and love. So when you present a heart-shaped emerald pendant it expresses your emotions in an exclusive manner.

Choose an emerald heart set in white metal or a heart pendant with emerald round string; it will surely surprise her in a blissful manner. Even a trendy double hearts pendant studded with emeralds and diamonds in white gold will also take her on cloud nine.

So customized jewelry or pick your Valentine’s Day emerald gift and show her how much she mean to you!

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