Emerald Serpent Necklace

What will be your very first reaction if I ask you to imagine a serpent wound around your neck? I’m absolutely certain that you will shudder at the thought of this creepy proposition, but wait till you lay eyes on this mesmerizing emerald serpent necklace. The exquisite emeralds in pear shape frame the contour of the ridged snake that flicks enticingly all around your neck. Truly enthralling are the two enormous pear emeralds in front, spewing attitude that’s dangerously alluring. They rightly deserve the heady caresses the serpent generously lavishes, while holding on to them possessively. Take my word you’ll guard this extraordinary piece of jewelry as zealously.

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  • December 18, 2009

    kaliopi pappas

    this is absolutely exquisite and i would wear that with nothing but a pair of emerald pumps !