Heart Emerald Solitaire Pendant

Heart Emerald Solitaire Pendant There are times when you set your heart on something and cannot rest till you have it for yourself and that is the exact feeling you’re going to get the moment you lay eyes on this lovely heart shaped emerald solitaire pendant. We all agree that solitaire jewelry has a loveliness that cannot be equaled to even the most elaborate varieties and it is their quiet beauty and unending allure makes them so very popular. Emerald Stone Quality and Metal Type So when you have a pendant that is set with one of the most beautiful and timeless gemstones that have remained coveted through the centuries you really cannot ask for more. Also, this charming piece flaunts this rare and precious stone in a lovely heart shape that you cannot help but love. You will enjoy the effect this piece has each time you wear it for not only does it bring alive any outfit but it also adds a dash of carefree and feminine appeal that you cannot resist.

Adding to its charm is the wonderful choice of setting. The metal sheath that runs along the edges of the stone in this bezel setting not only secures this timeless gem but it also gives it a whole new dimension. One thing is for certain each time you sport this pretty piece you will surely win many appreciative glances.

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