Rothschild Emerald necklace sold at London auction

emerald necklace of Rothschild

Jewels that once belonged to Hannah de Rothschild sold for $2.9million. Rothschild heiress Hannah, Countess of Rosebery was once the richest woman in Britain.

This emerald and diamond necklace along with earrings and bracelet from the ‘parure’ collection comprises of 213 carats emerald and 135 carats diamond.

These jewels were a part of inaugural jewel action that was held by Philips de Pury & Co. at Claridge Hotel, London.

Keith Penton, Head of Jewels at Christie’s said, “They are a rare survival of 19th century British splendor, as so much ancestral jewellery has been sold anonymously, remounted or broken down.”

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