Why Should We Wear Emerald Rings Except Other Stones?

There is something innately beautiful and exclusively magnificent about the vibrant gemstones. Each of these colored gemstones has alluring charm and appealing beauty that is unique and exotic. The beauty and grace of gemstone jewelry is the very reason of its popularity. And among all, emerald jewelry in every form is immensely gorgeous. Whether its emerald rings, earrings, necklaces or pendants, the sheen and opulence of each type is exceptional.


In recent times with the popularity of gemstone engagement rings, the fascination for traditional diamond rings has witnessed a major inclination towards the gemstone jewelry. And from all the available styles, the emerald rings for being the most stunning and bewitching have won great deal of favor.

It’s not only the green of emeralds but also the history, lore and legends and the mystical properties of emeralds make it a desirable choice over other gemstone jewelry.

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The symbol of purity and love, emeralds are great choice for engagement rings. They signify youthfulness and charmingly express the freshness of romance. Emeralds are the bestower of natural grace and exponential growth.

They are known to the world for 4000 years and since the discovery the fame and popularity of emeralds has only increased. Emerald jewelry has also been a part of royal jewels. Many royal families of the world had special likings for emeralds. Whether loose or studded in jewelry, they displayed an innately pleasing aura and have been a very important jewel of royalties.

Emeralds are said to be the stone of talism. They were associated with the Greek goddess Venus and were said to protect lovers from unfaithfulness. They were also associated with mental and physical well being. Wearing emerald ring was believed to improve memory and intelligence.

Wearing emerald rings have been associated with healing of many infections and diseases. It is also attributed to the transformation of negativity into positive emotional energy.

Emerald rings are the representative of perfect love and trust, so have been in vogue as engagement bling. Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry are the celebrities who received emerald engagement ring as the expression of evergreen love and romance.

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The insanely glamorous looks of emerald rings have made them the most demanding red carpet jewelry. From bold and big emerald cocktail rings to some intricate vintage art-deco style and even classic solitaire and diamond accented emerald rings, all have paraded on the style carpet. And undoubtedly captured all the hearts with their mesmerizingly adorable beauty!

Emeralds are characteristically harder stones so can be cut into any desired shape and could be set in any style of choice. They equally illuminate a modern design and vintage look. Whether you choose a Victorian or Edwardian era ring to blend your chic fashion senses or pick a sleek contemporary bauble to surprise your loved ones, you will always proud your selection of emerald rings.

Celtic Knot Ring Simbolic Bypass-Ring

As they represent the growth and harmony so are the must have part of any collection. Emerald rings make a stunning match with everything out there in your wardrobe. The pair of jeans, those floral summer outfits, shimmering evening gowns, simple pencil dress or a sequin glittering ensemble, everything finds emerald rings a perfect companion in making a gal look more beautiful and ravishing.

And if guys you want something to show your intense emotions but don’t want to add words to it then also emerald rings are the best of all. Promise rings, religious rings, Celtic rings, signature rings, symbolic rings, engagement rings and wedding rings are just few examples of expressions which will become more promising and pleasing with the beauty of emeralds.

So celebrate your style with an emerald ring and enjoy the envious smiles with appreciation for your selection.

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