Emerald Cut Emerald and diamond three-stone ring

If you are looking for exclusivity in your engagement ring, you can be bejeweled with this stunning combination of emerald. It’s the richness of emerald green in emerald-cut that looks stunning on any woman. Your ring finger will twinkle from every angle due to the additional trapezoid diamonds kissing the center stone from both sides. This is a remarkable ring piece with timeless elegance of the emerald.


The emerald cut in any stone gives it a stately look as it stretches out the gem’s sparkle. The vertical facets of the gemstone, in this cut, make it appear more glamorous with its elongated shape. A great reason to fall for this cut is that it makes your ring finger look sleek and long. Moreover, any colored gemstone or any setting goes well with this cut, whether it is halo, pave or channel. The ring gives both a modern and vintage feel.

And just imagine how magnificent an emerald will look in an emerald-cut ring. The gem is already well-known for its deep green hue, and when cut in an extended shape like this, it stands out in the crowd. Above all this, two diamonds, in the trapezoidal shape, on sides add pizzazz to the whole piece.


The ring is a complete package in terms of grace and stylishness. It perfectly scatters the bewitchment of holding three stones in a single row. So, choose this piece and let your future fiancée know how matchless your taste is, especially in regard to the most special bling of your life.

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