Why to Flaunt Emerald Jewelry in Spring/Summer

Are you looking for trendy summer accessories? Or you want something versatile to jazz up your style for the upcoming BBQ party season?

Well, there are few things as refreshing as emerald jewelry to chill in summer. Whether you are a jewelry freak or admire fine, classic pieces, emeralds are for you. They are the gemstone of renewal and everlasting youth, they speak for forever love, and they have the charismatic royal appeal you always desire.

Emerald Jewelry

Signifying beauty of spring, emerald jewelry is what you should get this season for a rejuvenating fashion.

However, if that is not enough, we have more reasons to own emeralds this year.

It’s the Year of Emerald
No. Pantone’s color of the Year is Marsala not emerald. Nevertheless, the lush green shade is taking everyone by storm. From dresses to shoes, nail paints, handbags and more, you can find emerald green everywhere around you.  In fact, the gemstone is inspired the Fall 2015 Fashion prediction. That means, it will stay around for longer time.

Green Jewelry Fashion

The Red Carpet Gemstone
SAG Awards, Oscars, Grammy and now Cannes, the red carpets of award events have witnessed most spectacular emerald glamor this year. If you love celebrity style or want to go beyond the classic, look for extravagant emerald jewels of celebs like  Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore , Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Hudson  to name a few.

Celebrity Emerald Jewelry

Its Forever Classy
Not just the spring or summer, emerald is forever. You can don you emerald ring in Fall or wear those bright emerald earrings in winter to keep your style unaffected from the chill. Emeralds represent timeless spring. The lush green shade brings a refreshing glow of springtime whenever you flaunt your green jewels.

Emerald Rings and Earrings

To enjoy the beauty of spring, you can also choose other gemstones like aquamarine or peridot. However, nothing could be as glamorous as emeralds. Moreover, consider the hottest trends like statement pieces and stackable rings for a colorful effect. The basic idea is to look fresh and energetic. You can also find more tips here.

What is your choice for spring fashion? We will love to hear your ideas and style tips for the upcoming BBQ season.

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